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RIP ~ Ravenwood Investigates the Paranormal

Are you Brave enough to spend a few hours inside the Haunted Hegarty Mansion?

Ravenwood Manor aka Hegarty Mansion has Launched 2 New Paranormal Events to the Public - Both will have Limited Bookings for the 2022 season as we need to prepare for our annual Haunted attraction.
We have teamed up with Acuity booking so customers can schedule and purchase tickets online by following the link at the bottom of this post. Customers are also able to purchase Ravenwood Manor Haunted Attraction tickets at a $2.00 savings per ticket.

Description of 2 Events:
1. RIP Ravenwood Manor Investigates the Paranormal - Guests are free to conduct their own (Self) Paranormal Investigation at the Hegarty Mansion. Your "Paranormal Investigation" is a five-hour event beginning at 9:00 pm and concluding at 2:00 am. Refreshments will be available. Tickets are $49.99 per person. A maximum of 12 guests will be booked per event and reservations and payments should be made in advance on this site.

2. Rip Ravenwood Manor "Ghost Tales" - Guests are served delicious appetizers while listening to true Ghost encounter stories of the Mansion. Guests will then "Self" tour the Hegarty Mansion. The "Ghost Tales" event is a 3-hour event that begins at 9:00 pm and concludes at 12:00 am. Tickets are $23.99 per person. A maximum of 12-15 guests will be booked per event and reservations and payments should be made in advance on this site.

Event # 1 RIP Paranormal Investigations
Sat. Aug 13th - 2 Openings left
Sat Sept 3rd - 8 Openings left

Event # 2 Ghost Tales:
Sat. July 30th - Sat. Aug 20th (Both dates Sold Out)

Next bookings to be offered 2023 early spring. 
Link to Schedule & Purchase Tickets:

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We no longer offer overnight RIP investigations


Coming Soon

  • Real Ghost Stories of the Mansion
  • Video & Evp Captures
  • RIP Guest Reviews

        The Hegarty Mansion Physical Address  -  3263 Crossroads Blvd., Beccaria, Pa. 16616       

        The Hegarty Mansion Mailing address:  - 3263 Crossroads Blvd. PO 76,  Smokerun, Pa. 16681


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